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Business Management Assignment Help

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In this business management assignment help we have discussed the management roles and responsibilities in decision implementation, factors that affect decision implementation and how these factors be addressed in order to assure the effectiveness of the decision

Roles and Responsibilities of Management

Management plays an important role and has many responsibilities in the decisions implementation process. It is tremendously vital for the success of decision along with organization because management finds-out opportunities and threats and analyzes all resources to make sound implementation strategies for decisions.

Management plays an effective role in decisions implementation because it sets timeline and plans about steps to complete implementation process effectively. Management is an important function in execution of decision because it also selects right strategy for implementation with the help of proper discussion among all employees. Management also decides about the quantity of human capital and other resources and its requirement in the completion of decision process and its implementation.

The main responsibilities of management are to gain interest, confidence, and trust of their stakeholders in decisions making process. Management should observe and organize the whole execution process of decision to ensure success of the organization. It is also a liability of management to ensure the availability of adequate funds, human capital, and resources that are required in decision implementation. It is also accountable to identify alternatives for implementing decisions in that situation, when any contingency comes.

Factors that Affect Decision Implementation

Implementation of Decision depends upon the willingness, commitment and interest of employees, so any contingency could affect potential and skills of employees in positive or negative manner. But, it could be managed by proper planning and directions that help employees to implement management’s decisions and to get success because it covers every aspect of employees that may come at the time of executing decision. During process of implementation, the regular monitoring is required because effective monitoring policy can help to achieve organizational goals, but lack of monitoring may create bigger problems in outcomes of decisions.

Mostly, leadership of organization affects the process of decision implementation because the leaders encourage employees towards the objectives of decisions and its effective implementation. The effective leadership helps to execute different methods for managing internal work culture of organization and its employees that promote all related people towards the accomplishment of implementation process in limited time period. The technology is also a matter that could affect the whole process of decision implementation because adaptation of advanced technology effectively decreases involvement of time periods in decision making process.

Effectiveness of Decisions

Employees’ willingness is a critical factor behind the success of decisions along with managers. Management only plans different steps for implementation of decisions, but commitment of employees is a basis for effective outcomes of decisions, so for effective decision, the organization should involve its employees at every level of decision making. The effectiveness of decisions could come by proper planning and direction of management because it helps to decide how and which methods could be vital in decision making process and its implementation.

Regular monitoring of decision implementation process with the help of new and advanced technologies would also be vital for the effectiveness of decisions because it could help to manage, control and organize the whole process for getting significant results of decisions and its evaluation.

The organizational leadership should encourage the psychology of their colleagues, and employees to achieve objectives of decisions that could be profitable for organization and its all members also. For the success and effectiveness of decision, the dynamics of external environment is very important. So, the management should focus on the involvement of all external factors in decision making process that could decrease the degree of risk and could increase the effectiveness of decision.

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