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Business Strategies Assignment Help

Types of Business Strategies

In order to remain competitive in the market, business firms have to adopt different types of business strategies. Some if the Australian Assignment Helpstrategies are growth strategy, product differentiation strategy, price-skimming strategy and acquisition strategy. In case of growth strategy, company introduces variety of new products into the market or they add new features in the existing product. For example, cell phones companies have to add new features in its products in order attract the customers. Product differentiation strategy is the concept in which, companies introduce products that helps them in achieving the competitive advantage.

This strategy is suitable for the small manufacturers, in which they apart themselves from the competitors. In case of price-skimming strategy, companies charge high prices of the products during the introductory phase. For example, in case of electronic items, companies charge high price due to the emergence of new technologies. Company uses this strategy in order to recover their production and advertising cost. Lastly is acquisition strategy, in this strategy, company acquires another company in order to expand its market share. For example, some small companies enter into the market by merging with some big companies. With the help of this, these small companies are able to sustain in the competitive market. If you also need business strategies case study assignment help then you can contact with us.

Implications of Business Strategie Assignment Help

Apart from the benefits, there are some implications that businesses have to face in adopting these strategies. Some of the implications are inappropriate allocation of business strategies may result to the business failure. Moreover, employees are unable to understand the external market conditions and adopt the business strategies effectively. Sometimes, change in the government rules and environmental conditions affect the business strategies in negative manner. In order to make the efficient use of business strategies, companies should conduct the market research and analyze the prevailing market conditions. On the basis of that business strategies should be adopted. At the same time, companies should also identify their products and services and accordingly product differentiation and price-skimming strategy can be adopted.

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