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Environmental Analysis Assignment Help on Starbucks and Coca-Cola

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Internal and External Environments Analysis of Starbucks and Coca-Cola

In present, as per the Australian assignment writing help experts, it has become difficult for the companies to survive in ever-increasing competitive business environment due to continuous changes in business environment. With this kind of business environment it has become critical for firms to observe and consider all changes taking place in the business environment and is applicable to business. In this regard, environmental scan is quite helpful for companies as it helps companies in distributing its resources in regard to the changes taking place and about to occur within the environment. Our assignment help Australia says that, This could also be understood here with the environmental scan of two companies that are Starbucks and Coca-Cola.

Environmental Analysis Assignment Help on Starbucks and Coca-Cola

Starbuck’s Internal and External Environmental Scan by

Starbucks is a popular global coffee and coffeehouse chain. The company was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, United States. It operates as a leading coffeehouse company and specialized whole bean, tea, ground coffee business/distribution. From the time of its establishment it has built relationship with millions of customers with more than 17,000 stores all around the world. The company in present operates in more than 50 countries and its success is all due to its effective relations with suppliers, customers, and all other stakeholders. As per the research by the online my Australian assignment writing help Australia, The company does not only serve customers with coffee as it is also specialized in almost 30 different blends of coffee both iced and hot. As well, it also sell different types of teas, snacks etc.

The internal environment of the Starbucks is a demonstration of the common conditions, which in turn influence its employees’ aptitude in carrying out a successful strategy. Australian assignment help the key elements of its internal environment are its diversified portfolio, human resources, and brand management. In contrast, Starbucks external environment concentrates on competition concerning firms which are within the same business. Different legal, political, demographic changes, opportunities like environment concern etc make a significant effect on Starbucks and its business .

Coca-Cola’s Internal and External Environmental Scan by

Coca-Cola is a worldwide recognized brand. It is one of the significant producers, vendor, and suppliers of the soft drink industry. As per the case study assignment help The company sells different types of products vary from regular soft drinks, to clothes, and collectable playthings. The company sells various famous soft drink beverages like Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Diet Coke etc. As well, the company also sells water, sports drinks, and juices.

The company internal environment is quite significant because of its key attributes, which include production process competency, superb communication, high coordination, and management skills. The company internal environment is also affected by different external factors that can cause inadequacies in production phase. Issues like obesity, quality of water and its scarcity affect the company’s non-alcoholic beverage business. Changes in consumer preferences in regard to their health and nutrition concern also make an effect on the process used by Coca-Cola. Due to this Oz assignment help experts, the company need to be updated with ongoing changes and changes in consumer preferences and also required to adopt additional warning necessities.

The company also understand that its external environment makes a significant effect on its business and revenues and this is the reason its internal environment like processes selected for production are influenced with different external environmental factors. The condition of economy, consumers’ attitudes and principles, and societal demographics also affect.

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