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Primary Function of Human Resource Management

The four primary function of HRM are staffing, training and development, motivation and maintenance. Staffing is an important Assignment Help Australiafunction of HRM in all kinds of organizations, as it deals with the acquisition, deployment and retention of the manpower resources of an organization. Staffing facilities the HR manager to focus on inviting the applicants for the potential jobs in an organization, to place the employees at the jobs and to retain and maintain the outflow of the employees from the organization. HRM focuses on creating a strong staffing strategy, which helps it in achieving its goals and objectives. During staffing HRM also enables the managers to enforce federal and state laws.

Our Australian assignment help says that another function of HRM is training and development. According to this function, HR manager trains the new employees, so that they can understand their roles, daily routine job activities, responsibilities, etc. It is a significant function as it develops the hidden skills and talent of the employees to match up with the expectations of the firm and achieves their goals on time. Manager can conduct different types of training such as on-the-job training, off-the-job training, coaching, field work, etc.

The next primary function of the HRM is motivation. Along with training, it is also imperative for the manager to motivate the people, so that they feel satisfaction with their job and work beyond their limitations to achieve extra ordinary results. Manager motivates the employees through several ways such as offering bonus, incentives, holiday packages, promotions, etc.

The last primary function is the maintenance in which HR manager put efforts to retain trained and experienced employees for long time. It is imperative for the manager to control cost and HR expenses by training employees. In order to retain the employees, manager also offers long term plans and benefits to them.

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