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Marketing Assignment Help

Marketing is one of the significant tools of organizational success through which the firm becomes competitive to stay in the highly unpredictable and changing business environment. Marketing enables the marketers to Marketing Assignment Helpcommunicate, persuade and prompt the consumers directly or indirectly by informing about products and services that are offered by the firm. Apart from this marketing assignment help also covers business activities that are done by the firm to attract potential target customers and retain current customers.

Definitions of Marketing

Different authors have given several definitions of marketing as per the special characters of this concept. According to the definition given by American Marketing Association, marketing is a concept, laid down by establishments of various procedures of designing that help in planning, developing, pricing, advertising, promoting, distributing, etc. of goods and services that are offered by the company for the consumers. All these ideas, good and services that are going to be exchanged with the customers should have value for society in terms of money as well as emotions.

In addition, Philip Kotler has defined marketing as human activity, which comprises different process to satisfy the needs of individuals by exchanging good and services. Basically, it is a process of exchanging. The social definition of marketing expresses marketing as a social process in which an individual or group meet with their requirements with the help of creating, supplying and exchanging value products & services.
Personally, marketing can be defined as the process, which concentrates on demand stimulating and fulfilling through different efforts and activities such as pricing, promotion, advertising, distribution etc. to ensure the customer gratification and increase loyalty of the customer towards brand, enhance brand image and reputation, etc.

Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

According to the above definitions by the online marketing help, marketing is one of the important attribute of a firm that contributes a high share in its success. Lack of appropriate marketing tactics will weaken the performance of the firm in the market and company will not be able to create awareness among customers about the firm’s products and services, brand names, product features, etc. In addition, marketing enables the firm to distribute products and services among customers as per their requirement and need. Marketing contributes in organizational success by identify the appropriate target market for the company’s products and services.

If there is no appropriate marketing tactics or marketer is not able to identify the unfulfilled needs of consumers, then in this situation; there is no sale, which indirectly affects the net revenues and business. Thus help with marketing assignment help says that marketing is essential for the firms to understand needs of the market and create competitive advantages. According to the above definitions, marketing also enables the firms to determine the needs of consumer, understand consumer’s buying behavior, influence consumer loyalty towards brand, strengthening brand name, etc. Other importance of marketing is that it keying out the target markets for its products and services and also market existing and potential demand for that brand and services along with development, packaging, etc. to carry out basic profits in terms of money as well as goodwill.

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