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In this HRM case study memorandum assignment help you get the how to write memorandum assignment help on an HR Consultant to New Health Medical Systems.


To: New Health Medical Systems Management
From: HR Consultant
Date: 03 February 2016
Subject: To evaluate degree of alignment in staffing strategy and provide further recommendations.

The staffing strategy is somewhat align with the new strategic direction of the hospital. It is so, as this strategy includes advertising in local newspapers that is the widely used source for recruitment. Similarly, as a part of staffing strategy, second element is staffing agencies that are another source of external recruitment methods used by most of the firms. Along with this, job fair organization is another good idea suggested for staffing the 35 technicians into health facility, as young professional often visits such types of fairs to seek good career opportunities. At the same time, there are few chances of getting right talent in job fairs, as only few people who are well qualified visit such types of job fairs for the job. Memorandum Assignment Help - Case Study Writing Help

Last, offering of signing bonus is another lucrative offer for recruitment of technicians that also includes a bond of 6 months or 180 days to stay at the job. At the same time, what if the personnel accept the job due to bonus and leave it after completing the bond time period. So, it is loophole in this staffing strategy that may become a challenge or costly affair for the health facility in short run. Our case study assignment writing help says that By considering all the positive and negative aspects of the elements included in the staffing strategy, it can be said that it is align up to certain degree to the new strategic direction of New Medical Health Systems to become a regional center for critically ill patients.

Additional Recommendations

There are few changes or additional suggestions for the staffing strategy. These suggestions will improve the alignment of staffing with new strategic direction of health facility. First is the use of internal sources of recruitment. The health facility can ask the working technicians to recommend some skilled and talented technicians of their social groups. In this assignment help strategy, the health facility can offer a sum of amount to the technicians or other relevant staff member on the successful hiring of new technicians. This method of recruitment will save advertising cost of the health facility. Furthermore, the time used in recruitment can be also saved by using this method for hiring the technicians. It will help in attracting the attention of working employees into the health facility and take their participation in recruiting the 35 technicians required to achieve new strategic direction of the company. Second strategy that can be used to fill the 35 vacant positions of technicians is the use of press advertising. Under this form of advertising, the health facility can deliver a message of hiring 35 new technicians for the management. It will help in catching the attention of candidates who are talented and recently finished their professional courses of technicians. The message should be effectively structured and framed. It should include number of vacancies, skills, qualifications, salary and wages structure etc.

According to the human recourse management Australian assignment help writing experts Third strategy that can be used by the health facility is to organize several campus interviews and tests. These are most common form of recruitment. By doing so, the health facility can hire required 35 talented technicians. The health facility should go for some famous and well renowned medical institutes of Southwestern and other nearby parts of USA. As it is not easy to find out the right talent in immediate region, so it’s better to widen the scope of recruitment by going beyond the limited areas. It will help to explore the required pool of talent for vacant positions by widening the scope. This form of recruitment method will fulfill the goal of becoming regional center for critically ill patients. Along with this, there is one more strategy or option that can be used by the health facility to achieve its new strategic direction. This strategy is the use of job centers. These job centers are paid by the government. Organizations can take help of these job centers to advertise their vacancy ads. There are mainly two advantages of using this method for recruitment. First is it is cost effective and second it ensures best candidate for the advertised position.

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