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Project Management Assignment Help On Home Deport

In this Australian project assignment help, we have taken the Home Depot company of US discussed what kind of organizational structure this company follows with examples for your choice and explain with types of projects these companies might undertake.

Organizational Structure Assignment Help Australia

As per Australian assignment help experts, Home Depot is one of the leading retail companies of US. Company deals in wide range of appliances, power tools, safety and security, paints, etc. Through the wide range of products, company covers large portion of market and to able to attract customers towards the company and its products in significant manner. Home Depot follows the multidivisional organizational structure. It helps the company in making rapid growth, making decentralized decision making, facilitated management development and training and making overall accountability. The multi divisional organizational structure also helps the company to take decision from both vertical and horizontal aspects. This also creates linkage among the firm’s management in effective way.

The bottom of the structure includes the store department that governs by store manager. The store manager is responsible to delegate responsibilities and duties. The store manager reports to the regional manager with all the functional departments. The organizational structure of Home Depot also includes operations departments. The senior management also directly link to the individual store that helps the management team to receive feedback from local managers. Additionally, this organizational structure helps senior management to make effective decisions within the company to improve products and services for the customers.

Types of Projects
In the market, retailing companies have lots of opportunities to take different types of projects in order to increase their profitability and customer base. Home Depot is a leading retail company of US. So, company has the opportunity to expand its operational activities in other countries of the world according to its organizational structure assignment help Australia. Company can establish some retail stores in famous cities of the world. Company also has experienced employees and management team that provides the opportunities to develop its business in various other fields such as fresh food and medical, etc. It can be helpful for the company to develop its expertise and also helpful to attract more customers in these fields. Through expanding business in such fields, company can also achieve the competitive advantages in national as well as international market.

The multi divisional organization structure can also be helpful to the company to undertake project such as retailing of cloths, FMCG products, etc. Multi divisional organizational structure is also helpful for the company to undertake project related to the retailing of online books, publishing of books and articles, marketing of different products and services and expending of retail activities, etc. As per view of assignment help Australia experts, It might also be helpful for the company to expand its business opportunities in other areas of retailing. The multi divisional organizational structure is also supportive to the retail stores in order to undertake projects related to the retailing of technical parts. With the help of multi divisional organizational structure, company might establish department that take care of retailing of different technical equipment’s or parts in effective way. It might also provide the opportunities to the company to improve its profits and the market share in retail industry.

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